Health Coaching, Walmart, and Sean Croxton.

Are we witnessing the Walmart-ification of health coaching before our very eyes?  Are the discounted packages that coaches are offering driving down the prices of our services to obscene levels?  Why are all these health coaches undercutting … [Read More...]

Branding is NOT your logo, it’s Your Story!

Don't get it confused Health Coaches.  Your brand is not your logo.  We are not Nike.  We are not Pepsi.  Our brand is our story.  People don't want to work with us because of some cool artwork we paid a graphic designer to come up with.  People want … [Read More...]

Energy Work and the Health Coach.

It doesn't come as a surprise that many health coaches have a hand in energy work.  After all, health coaches are healers, and often seek out all sorts of resources that they can find to help clients achieve.  Incorporating this type of work into a … [Read More...]